Our Apartment

Updated Free Public Builds Coming Soon!

Screenshots are mostly from Donation Only releases, public release will begin soon! Current free public release including the Web player above is over a year old.

Our Apartment is an expansion of the concepts in the popular The Couch, rebuilding a lot of it's features from scratch an adding a lot more. 

Current Features (Donation Only Build):

  • Beautiful real-time 3D character and animations
  • Clothing customization of Naomi including sexy outfits and costumes like Werewolf, more coming soon
  • Customization of the male avatars colors, transparency, hats, face, and dick type.
  • Sex Sim gameplay with various speed and cumming options, groping coming soon. Sounds and moans that vary based on the intensity and Naomi arousal.
  • VN Style "Three Weeks" Animated and voice acted dialogue sample featuring an excerpt of the story
  • Modified missionary test dialogue scene and Updated  Dildo Animation. 

Final Game Features (Goals):

  • "Daily" gameplay similar to Teaching Feeling or Persona where you can choose various actions with naomi for that day
  • Story that takes place over a year starting from the beginning of meeting naomi
  • Dating sim and stats elements that affect sex sim gameplay and some dialogue
  • Wide range of sex positions, types, and role play scenes.
  • Large range of outfit options to mix and match

Keep in mind many assets mostly the environment and content here are work in progress or temporary. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this!

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Naomi 3D Sample Android 147 MB
Naomi 3D Sample WebGL Download for your own Website 134 MB
Naomi 3D Sample Windows 305 MB
Our Apartment Donation Only Build - Windows 254 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version b13.1
Our Apartment Donation Only Build - Android 209 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version b13.1
Our Apartment Donation Only Build - OSX 263 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version b13.1
Our Apartment Donation Only Build - Linux 278 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version b13.1

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Is the "Donation Only Build" accessible from paying for the game through here or do I have to donate somewhere else? I'm quite interested in buying this when I have money on me again later

Yeah simply donating $5.00 at the download page is enough, you can also sub on patreon and get acess on itch that way with the $5.00 teir.. 

really like the model, it is verry unique and looks stunning!

the game is not working on my phone, it does not come out of a black screen ...

what phone model? 

Any news coming out soon? I'm new to itch.io and not really know how this all works yet lol


New build should be soon! Public release is also soon once I meet enough goals.

No meu Android 6.0 n funciona, só fica em uma tela preta '-'

phone name? 

Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

Hm, not really, everything related to Naomi is custom made by me. My main software is Blender, textures are mostly Substance Painter,  and the engine is Unity. 

I use Amplify Shader for the shaders mostly, and the environment is part modeled by me part asset store stuff. 

I'm not a programmer so i use some other assets too for functions, commissioned programmers for some stuff, and Bolt for custom stuff I made myself. 

End of the day, just play it smart and keep trying! :P

Usually not a fan of 3D VNs that are 18+ because they all try to look too realistic. THIS however, I'm a fan of! Hope my small purchase can help bring the development forward!

Thanks! The goal for the look was to look very close to my own painting work! :3

Well I think you nailed it! Wish more would take a stylized approach instead of realism.

Hey I'm wondering when it will be interactive? Or is that with paetron only stuff? Or is the paetron stuff only animation demos for now?

Current supporter builds have the interactivity, it's in the "Cow girl" scene. You can either donate $5 on here on itch, or become a supporter on SubscribeStar or patreon.  A public build is very soon though.

Do I just comment here for the devs? This is pretty one of a kind. I'm enjoying it. Camera is a little touchy on Android though. Camera sensitivity would be a worthy addition

Yeah that's definitely something i'm working on next.  The way it is now it just reads raw data and we need to limit that.  Will definitely try to work that out for the next android build. 

is this NSFW, like The Couch?


Yup! Still Sex sim too! I'm remaking all the features of The Couch and there's already stuff like clothing customization and some voice acted dialogue scenes. 

I bought the halloween bundle, just curious when the outfit will be added.

As soon as i fix some kinks in the assets, may include a new animation as well.

There's a terrible broken build on patreon including the outfit, but i don't release those broken builds here on itch.

Sorry for the wait!Iin upgrading to Unity 2019 more things broke than i expected. But expect many updates for the foreseeable future!

Outfit has been added, i'm so sorry for the wait but i promise it's been worth it!

workd on croom book

I tried to play the free Android version, I only got a black screen, my version is 7.1.1

I decided to get the donation build, and it kicks me out of the game before I reach the start menu, 

I love your work, but would like to find out why this is happening

I'm currently working on optimizing android builds, it's very weird it doesn't work for you .

I'll look into it, my current test device is android 8.0.0 so i'll need to find a better method to test this. 

I'll try setting up some methods soon!

I have tested the build on Nox which runs android 5,  and someone else tested a version of Nox with android 7.1.2,

I'll have more people test until i can find some consistency but can you tell me the name of your android device?

Its a ZTE Blade spark, and the model number is Z971

Hmmm, i'll soon provide a android build that makes sure all post processing is disabled before the first load. 

It's possible that it's simply too much for the phone to handle since the current android version is unoptimized. I normally don't do optimizations until a more major release. But i promise you'll get a new build this month with at least a few more optimizations to help it run.

Changes are being made for the next build so it can more easily run on lower end devices, keep an eye out for an update in the coming weeks!


it dose not work for Android its a black screen 


This may depend on android version as android versions below 4.4 are not supported. What version are you on?