The Couch is a game about you and Naomi, who have been in a relationship for a while but lately Naomi has been acting weird. You've learned her secret and decide to confront her, Naomi being the shy type won't come out and say it so easily. What will you do?

Game features

  • Gorgeous high resolution, 60fps 2D painted character animation! 
  • 2D boob physics!
  • Deep interaction sex controls - control fucking speed, choose various groping options and more as updates roll out! Choose when and where to cum, fill her womb or cover her body!
  • X-ray toggle! See the womb as you penetrate her!
  • Customize yourself! You play a floating dick and floating hands, make them whatever color you want! 
  • Dynamic mood and facial expressions, Naomi responds to you in real time!
  • Dialogue + Sex! - Dialogue is a key part of the gameplay, what you say affects her mood and arousal, a long with story route!
  • Multiple endings based on what you say, how you cum, and other factors. (coming soon)
  •  Additional sex scenes based on ending you get (coming soon)

The Couch has been in constant full development for nearly 4 months as of this writing and we haven't skipped a beat. We have devstreams every Saturday, and at least two builds per month. 

Public builds have begun! But feel free to support us on Patreon for more earlier builds!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

The Couch 0.1.4 Windows 85 MB
The Couch 0.1.5 Webgl Zip file for your own website 80 MB
The Couch v0.1.5 Android Test Release 140 MB
The Couch Donation Only Build 185 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 0.3.1
The Couch Donation Only Build 137 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 0.3.0

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Ok I fixed the downloading problem but it doesn't fit the screen I can't penetrate or get out of the settings...

It won't let me download it keeps saying forbidden. How do I fix?

I can't use the the dick

how do i use other positions?


where can i get the main theme song?

uhmm i cant play it :( because its error' or something 

God I need a girl like this in my life, oh wait that's why I'm here in the 1st place XD



bro thats sad- :(



when will the new update come out for pc version 

its not loading for me.


How do I penetrate? I can't see the option

Will the public version be updated or will only the paid version get new updates

Maybe, I haven't decided how content will go when i continue properly updating this game. Depends on if i choose to finish it as is or not...


Hi, an unofficial reviewer here. You got me on boob physics.




im kidding, its a great game, i just needed to do the boob physics thing


so here's my real review.

Hi, an unofficial reviewer here. while you got me on boob physics, I am honestly interested in this game. It's beautiful with an amazing art style and the story is interesting too. the friendliness of the main character when going to sleep with his girlfriend, in the beginning, feels so realistic, especially with the line "commencing shushing now." good job, my guy.



also I use grammerly


Haha thanks XD

Could you perhaps fix the aspect ratio, i can press most of the buttons but can't leave the options menu

it should be fixed in the release made today

Deleted 83 days ago

Will it be exclusive to the donation build or will it be public?

It won't keep going and my wifi is good so help me plz???

(1 edit)

Please download the game instead, yhis game is not designed for webgl on android

thank you so much

im on windows and it does not load unless i downoad it


im on Chromebook it won’t let me use the positions everytime I push they don’t work

in classic mode, you can only ejaculate once?

what are the current/future theme/fetish content you are adding?

i love how it crashes after i see the man half dog i just want to play the game

The game crashed at the I love you too

nice game

(1 edit)

Should be named, "The Couch spouse's Cooch"


I am having a screen lay out problem on my galaxy a51. I cant have access to the upper buttons. Please help me!


Galaxy a50 same problem

(1 edit)

is there a way to access the position? because it is not working for me I use PC btw


Here there's a little problem

See the chat box on the left? It on top of a xray button and I din no how to close it help pls?

How does yours look like that?

This should be fixed in the update, sorry for the wait.

how le hell did this happen? and did u buy the full version to access the poses?

best game ever!!!!!!!


dont mind me just gonna follow rq....

(2 edits) (-1)

Dude I donated 5 dollars to receive the 0.2.8 version for Android but the game shows 0.2.5 and the quickie option doenst work...

And there is no voice on the game, why there is a configuration for that if it doenst work?

I really like the idea of a fast start, the animations are pretty well done, I really like the game. For sure its my favorite and its the first time I donated.

So please help me 

Wait did I forget to update that version? I'll try to get a update out over the next day or two.

(3 edits)

Can you send it to my email please? Or just send me a email when the version is available? Thank you for your response c:

Hey dude the version still wrong, any idea when it will be updated?

Hey sorry, update is out among other fixes. 

It been three month.....

Sorry the update is out. 

any idea when the public release will be updated?

what in the hell

Is it me or is the sound not working? I can barely hear anything from her at all.

Android user.

When I go to anywhere else than the menu.

The back/exit buttons etc. is out of my screen.  I've tried to notch my display, put it to full screen. And I have tried both versions.

Same issue here! Dont know how to fix...

This issue is now fixed sorry for the wait. 

This issue is now fixed. 

(1 edit)

What does the bar nest to the text mean? the long one, I can't figure out what it does

(1 edit)

Either speed or arousal level before cumming.?

Ah, thanks; I see it now. What kind of other stuff do you guys have planned for the game?

 I can't get past the groping options for android download.

When the new update is? ITS taking a long time.

Deleted 97 days ago

Sorry it's taken so long, for now i'm focusing on Our Apartment, but i've been making slow progress on returning to The Couch. Just waiting to have more time soon.

Hi! Can i ask you if this game will be released on Steam in the future?


No probably not this one...not with current plans.

Thank you for your response; I still continue to hope to see this game complete and on Steam, but i respect every your decisions


What is new with the donation Android build

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