The Couch is a game about you and Naomi, who have been in a relationship for a while but lately Naomi has been acting weird. You've learned her secret and decide to confront her, Naomi being the shy type won't come out and say it so easily. What will you do?

Game features

  • Gorgeous high resolution, 60fps 2D painted character animation! 
  • 2D boob physics!
  • Deep interaction sex controls - control fucking speed, choose various groping options and more as updates roll out! Choose when and where to cum, fill her womb or cover her body!
  • X-ray toggle! See the womb as you penetrate her!
  • Customize yourself! You play a floating dick and floating hands, make them whatever color you want! 
  • Dynamic mood and facial expressions, Naomi responds to you in real time!
  • Dialogue + Sex! - Dialogue is a key part of the gameplay, what you say affects her mood and arousal, a long with story route!
  • Multiple endings based on what you say, how you cum, and other factors. (coming soon)
  •  Additional sex scenes based on ending you get (coming soon)

The Couch has been in constant full development for nearly 4 months as of this writing and we haven't skipped a beat. We have devstreams every Saturday, and at least two builds per month. 

Public builds have begun! But feel free to support us on Patreon for more earlier builds!


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The Couch 0.1.4 Windows 85 MB
The Couch 0.1.5 Webgl Zip file for your own website 80 MB
The Couch v0.1.5 Android Test Release 140 MB
The Couch Donation Only Build 137 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more
Version 0.3.0
Android Donation Latest Build 0.2.8 127 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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Hi! Can i ask you if this game will be released on Steam in the future?


No probably not this one...not with current plans.

Thank you for your response; I still continue to hope to see this game complete and on Steam, but i respect every your decisions


What is new with the donation Android build

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Nice game, and her face and her small sexy body are cute, however, when they both get to the limit and press "cum together" Naomi doesn't "cum" only her aruosal animation plays, so it would be better if you make her cum for real

That'd be perfect

Edit: and maybe you add an option in the start that make you choose it you want her to ware a short skirt like this

When lifted

And a crop top like this:

(You know how to lower this ;) )

Or ware the original cute comfy sweater

Now that'd be perfect


Unfortunately don't expect outfit options for this game, instead check out Our Apartment which has a focus on that feature and recently just added a skirt just like that (Though plaid colored only for now). 

As for your issue in The Couch, I may improve the animations there but for now my focus is reworking systems I need so it can be finished. 

Waiting for the endings


Project will be updated soon to version 0.3.0 to fix the "quickie" menu, and also the project has been upgraded to unity 2019.3 

I'll be working on replacing the dialogue system soon to get the endings implemented. 


Will there be anymore updates to the game?


Eventually, i'm sorry it's very slow but rebuilding everything took time :<


Hello! Sir or madam, Whatever your gender may be! 

I desire to collect a model of this character, Something different from the first image and something more of a full bodied based thing [With clothing] but using the same art style and same features as the original. I know this may be much to as for but i am a roleplayer, And yet plan to use her as a character, But images given do not give enough of what i need.

Please and thank you, Fellow software dev.
A Roleplayer In Need - Lingo

the position thing wont work


position is only available in donation builds, but I may make that build free when i start on  the new version. 

oh ok

Can  you tell me when the next update on Donation Latest Build Please.


updates start again today fixing "Quickie" but development will be rather slow. Android build update shortly. 

Thanj you

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May I ask a question? I hope someone answers it. :3 Based at the end of the demo, will there be other girls other than Naomi that the player would interact or those are from other games?  :0


Those were originally intended to be separate but similar games. That will still happen but with a 3D project like Our Apartment. Development on this was held up due to the programmer needing to find a normal job. So i started over with Our Apartment with similar goals. 

i cant wait for new update

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It's been over 3 months since the last comment so I can't even really be sure you'd comment, but here goes nothing.

I keep on getting this really weird (and disturbing) glitch where I can only see her stomach and eyes, and the rest is transparent. I'm playing the web version because my WinZip trial is expired.


what platform di you get this glitch? 

We haven't begun back porting features from our apartment yet but when we do I can keep this in mind. 

Mac version?

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It's been an interesting experiment, this game, but I do think an essential addition is a readme file. Providing one helps explain to players the game's features, changelog, bugs, and any other relevant info that enables players to get a better description of what works, what doesn't, and what's to come.

Also, are some features found in the demo 0.1.4 release missing? For one, I don't seem to notice Naomi reacting positively to head pats any longer, while the option to rub her clit is no longer available, among other things.

EDIT: upon closer inspection, when launching the 0.2.8 release you packaged, the version number at the main menu's top right corner indicates it's actually 0.2.5. Is this a typo, or is this a case of accidentally packaging an older release instead of 0.2.8? I would suggest reuploading the correct version, then

Hey Momiro, where's the updates at? I've played this game five times already and I'm still waiting for the update. Please update this soon. Sincerely, Zero Two.

Hi how much do I need to pay to buy the android donation Latest Build 0.2.8

I'm just checking out the game before buying it, since you are so kind as to provide the ability to download it first. I'm only about 5-10 minutes into it, and I am experiencing a kind of game breaking bug. 

On entering the settings menu, there is no way to exit back to the game. There is no visible "exit", "ok" or similar button, and the Android "back" button also does nothing. 

I am using a Motorola e5, with Android 8.0.0, if that helps.

Obviously you may have other things on your plate than one person's bug, but I figured it was better to tell you than to just toss or the game without trying a bit more to play it.


Thats very strange, i'm fairly certain there should be a button for it. At least in more up to date builds. At the moment updates to The Couch are a ways off until i can rebuild some features since we lost our programmer (They got scammed for $8k and needed to find a normal job). I'll look into this once it's feasible for me to do those updates. 

Sorry your programmer is having a tough time. Obviously that is more important.

I did look at the html 5 version on desktop, and that made it clear that the issue on Android is just one of screen proportions. On my phone it turns out that the top and bottom of the app's screen are cut off because my phone is too 'widescreen', so the button in question is there, just offscreen. That should be easy enough to fix whenever work resumes. Until then I'll figure out how to subscribe/watch for updates. Cheers!


Yeah for some reason it seems newer versions of android handle screen resolution differently, apparently newer versions of Unity work  but yeah.

Some progess has been made remaking the systems in Our Apartment, so i hope to return to The Couch soon.



How did you get it?



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Interesting little game. Can't wait for an Update!  Sensual, not over the top, nice little story and nice artwork. I have a little issue tho that the resolution  of the game is slightly higher then the size of my phones screen, what makes exiting/using the menu a bit complicated (But not impossible). Also like said in the latest version of the game the ' Quickie' option does not work - Screen turns black and nothing happens. (Xiaomi MI A2)  And the 'Finish' button at the end of the enjoyment is annoying, maybe don't place it in the center of the screen. I hope my donations will help you guys Fixing this and update this fine little game!                PS: Yes, some Thigh High/ Overkneesocks and/or stockings as clothing and some foot action with them would be nice to see to. 


Yes there's an issue with the way newer versions of android handle screen resolutions since they started curved screens and notches, updates are unfortunately a ways off until i can rebuild some gameplay features thanks to losing our programmer. 

Quickie is broken due to an error in the build, but unfortunately i cannot fix it at the moment since the current project is quite broken. I'll update if I can fix these issues. 

how do you change position


Thats only in donation builds and it will stay that way until I update the game again. Unfortunately due to someone fucking over my programmer for 8K it might be a while but i plan to return to it soon and wrap this up.

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I was having trouble play the game I can't even tap Cum inside at all even though can play in android if I play in PC that will work 


What device?



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In version 0.2.8 'Quickie ' will not load for me.


yes this is a known issue and may not be fixed until the next release which will take a while. Sorry for the trouble. 


Add some foot job


different positions are not working. why???

btw, nice game and experience so far....

i can't get some of the options on an OPPO F5 phone, but its good.


everyone who plays this game srsly needs a fucking check at the doctor


stfu nigger


how i can make my Naomi  have emotions?

Im struglling at playing cause i dunno how to give her emotions pls reply 


I'm sorry, proper emotions through dialogue will be in the future release, but we hit a snag with our programmer thanks to them getting screwed over by a client. There should be an option to give temporary expressions through the dialogue menu! (The speach bubble icon)

Hello, I've been playing this game for a while now, but suddenly the game didn't work. After the loading screen, anything just white blank, and nothing else. Any helps?


On what platform?

this sounds like a stupid question, but is it safe to download


Well nearly 15000 downloads and no issues from anyone :D

It's safe lol.

Just curious, if i downland this version and next version comes out. Will I have to completely download amd delete old version, or will it come in form of update? 


i'm trying to keep it in the form of an update, i've kind of bungled previous releases. donation builds have a better formatting so they should simply update. 

But in the future i need to setup the butler system, but at the moment i don't properly understand how to use it...


south park reference

a mans obligation is to stick his boneration into a women separation to increase the population of the younger generation

hey um the game resolution doesn't fit the screen of my oppo r17, would be very grateful if y'all at momoiro software could fix it! thanks :3


too large or too small?

too large, it doesn't fit the screen


ah OK, sorry this is an issue with newer curved and "notch", phones. We'll so our best to fix it soon!

When will leg positions be implemented?


They're in donation and patron builds! Won't be in public builds until the story release is complete!

hey momoiro software,

Ran into an issue on Android 0.2.8 build. While Play mode operated well; quickie mode did not. Samsung Note 8. Issue was everytime quickie was pressed; the screen fades to dim and never leaves menu. 


Yes, I'm aware of this problem, look forward to a build update at the end of the month!

Deleted 1 year ago

Can you please let me know your platform and OS version?


bro how is this a puzzle game my g

(1 edit) (+1)

That will be more apparent in future versions, we consider it a bit of a puzzle game cause of dialogue navigation and character interaction leading to different endings.  It's mostly H sim.

Also sorry for missing this reply, the site did not give notifications. 

Deleted 80 days ago

I got the same problem with thr application... Everythings work fine, then, web h-scene come, the app crash...


Please tell me your android phone and version! 

Also sorry i missed your reply, the website did not give me notification of the comment. 


So the android build does not work for you? Can you please tell me your phone and android version?

Sorry for missing these, i did not get notification that i had comments until today. 

Deleted 80 days ago

Guys how to use the option for position?  And the talk system isnt really a talk system, look perverted aint a talk option xD. Very nice game and one of my fav hentai/porn games, some things are a lil confusing.

(1 edit) (+1)

Some of the features aren't added yet, next public release will have a proper story and additional content locked away or unfinished here. 


How to play?


sorry for missing this reply, can you be more specific?


Is it weird that I want the link to the songs in game? please! gimme the main menu one! I wanna listen to it as I drive my car!

(1 edit) (+3)

All songs are licenced or commissioned exclusively for this game. We'll release them for download in due time! Need to make more music first. 


Oh okay, no problem! (。・ω・。)

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