If you've paid $5 or more, check your downloads for the latest release!

I'm hoping this new option will be made available to anyone who's donated to the game so far $5 or more.

If you've donated $5 and the new download option is not available to you, please let me know. I'm just hoping this is set up correctly. 

I'm doing this as an option for people who want to support the game but don't want to do patreon or something. This may not get every release, but it will be regularly updated compared to the "public" builds.

Thanks to anyone who's donated so far, next month should be a major update!

This build contains newer updated features and UI, and a preview of the New scene!


Android Donation Latest Build 0.2.8 127 MB
Nov 30, 2018
Windows Donation Latest Build 0.2.8 139 MB
Nov 30, 2018

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I paid for the updated release of The Couch. The menu will load, but when I try to actually start the game it just goes to a black screen. I'm on android 8.0 so might you have any idea how I can try to fix it?

EDIT: It's only on the quickie mode, story works regularly.

I have the same exact problem.