The Couch v0.1.5 Low Key Android Release

Not doing much fanfare here, but some people have been asking about the android release and I haven't done it cause it doesn't suit my standards yet. But I think this can be an opportunity to test out the game on different platforms and give feedback. I'm not gonna spread this around though, it's just here for those looking for it. 

So that said keep in mind THIS BUILD HAS ISSUES. A future build will be more suitable for mobile once we rework some systems, but if you want to play on a phone or it's the only way you can play, I don't think i should make you wait any longer.

Enjoy for what it is!



The Couch v0.1.5 Android Test Release 140 MB
Jul 12, 2018

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Tested on a Galaxy S7:

Thanks for releasing it! The only "issue" I can find with the game is that the text for the check boxes in settings will sometimes disappear. If there is supposed to be moaning during the sex scene, I can't hear it but I'm uncertain about that. Otherwise, the game runs smoothly.

Audio hasn't been properly implemented yet, at least moaning, but it will come in a future update as the 0.2.0 release has laid the ground work for that.

As for the settings screen thats a strange issue, we're doing cleaning up in the project so i'll address this soon.