Heads up! Public releases of The Couch start in roughly two weeks!

If you've been keeping an eye on old The Couch Sample Demo, get ready for proper game experience! In two weeks we'll be starting public builds of the proper game!

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Right now we're on v0.09 and v0.10+ will be the public release, here's the latest change long so you can see some of the features added just recently. We'll keep posting these here from now on as well instead of just on Patreon. 

We've also uploaded images of the new art! More to come there as well.

Big'ol Change Log

  • Cumming inside Naomi now leaves perpetual cum! The cum will also drain out when you pull out, leaving a cum pool on the couch! Cumming multiple times in succession will also make her womb more full! Right now it's only two levels, but I'll expand this more later!
  • Groping Naomi is now possible! Pet her, rub her clit, etc. right now there's only a few options for now but the core function is there! Let me know what you'd like to see! And these aren't just for show! These do affect Naomi's arousal meter in a few ways. 
  • Naomi's theme is now the title screen music! I haven't properly announced this yet so look forward to this! I may change where this plays though but for now it's going to be there.
  • UI improvements! The crappy icons on the left have been replaced with some nicer icons, and a dynamically populating list of functions! This menu can also be expanded and minimized with the bottom buttons. The menu has two tabs, "Interaction" and "speak", the latter not being implemented yet. The UI is also higher resolution now and much cleaner.
  • VN style Introduction and ending dialogue systems implemented right now there is a "initial" story intro to be expanded very soon, and will be expanded further over time. Full story including endings will be the next major milestone!
  • You can now zoom in! Not sure if people realized but the art in this game is VERY high resolution, thanks to this you can now zoom in! Just use the scroll wheel zoom and middle click drag to pan. 
  • Fully dynamic facial system implemented. While I haven't applied it properly to all animations, the system is complete! Eyes and mouth will now animate independently of individual animations, meaning "pumping" Naomi slowly won't result in slow motion facial expressions. I haven't properly added Mouth animations yet though, that should be next week... 
  • Changeable Censor Icons for streamers and youtube! Some people play porn games on youtube and twitch, this is just to make their lives a bit easier. Soon there will be a folder to add your own but for now there's a couple added for Purity Sin to use. Feel free to email me or send through discord yours though. Also the boob censors only appear when Naomi's tits are visible!
  • Visual Adjustments! I made adjustments to the colors and effects, feedback on this would be appreciated!
  • Other smaller fixes...


  • No issues to speak of so far! :D

Whats Next?

  • Introduction story and dialogue expansion! Including some images for the intro!
  • Implementing in-game dynamic dialogue system, with some light dialogue and choices added
  • Separating the main game and free mode!
  • Drawing up previews for future ending scenes and content!
  • Proper launch of momoirosoft.moe website!
  • Planning future milestones and updates, let me know what you're most looking forward to in the comments!
  • Properly adding credits to supporters (both current and former) in a special permanent "Early supporters" section. Excluding people who voted no on this poll. This will only include supporters up to the end of this month from the start of this patron who have actually paid at least once. From then on credits will be more normal.

Look forward to more updates soon!

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